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DAHRG de Belne (Birmingham Vikings) 

Who we are

Birmingham Vikings Group is an autonomous section of a national educational charity called THE VIKINGS. Since 1991 the group has been an active section of Bells Farm Community Association, helping with the maintenance and promotion of facilities at Bells Farm, a restored Tutor framed II* listed building on the outskirts of Birmingham in the middle of England.

The group's three main areas of interest are:

1              Culture and heritage

Enhancing public awareness of the influences of the Viking Age in England, language, political structure, formation of a national navy, coinage system, and education, some of the first racial equality laws. How our ancestors lived their lives, food costume etc.

2              Creative arts and crafts

Members research and give tuition in design and construction of a wide range of arts and crafts, including, textiles, woodwork, calligraphy, ceramics, jewellery, and leatherwork.

3              Sport and exercise

Providing training in combat skills and target archery is combined with historical research and drama skills to provide and element of competitive sport and public entertainment.


Who benefits from our activities?

Locally.  In addition to group members themselves: Local schools, community groups, Duke of Edinburgh Award groups, Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs, Scouting, teacher training organisations etc.

Nationally. The group provides training for re-enactment groups, craft courses up to City and Guilds standards. The group participates in major shows for the parent Society, English Heritage, Museum Services, and film work.

Internationally. The group provides displays and tuition for Irish and Continental organisations

The Members

The 2007 membership stands at 12 adults and 3 juniors.

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